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How To Check Glo Number: 5 Methods That Work + USSD Code



In this article, we are going to show you how to retrieve your GLO telephone number using the USSD code. Not only that, but with other conventional methods, you can use.

Thus, you do not have to stress a friend or go in search of your SIM package to get it.

Code To Check Glo Number

It’s not going to be a surprise that most GLO users don’t have their telephone numbers handy, although there are so many factors that may result.

First, some people could have left their SIM pack at home or gone missing.

Secondly, some may have more than one GLO SIM card and it’s not an official line, so they don’t see the need to memorize the number.

Regardless of your category, we will be of assistance to you.

How To Retrieve a GLO Number Using the USSD Code

Using the USSD code is one of the different ways to check a GLO number. One interesting thing about this method is that it is very easy, fast, and dependable.

Nevertheless, we will show you how it works.

Stick with us and follow the steps.

  • Take the first step by dialing the USSD code *777# and send. Wait a few seconds; a new page will be displayed.
  • Once the new page appears, you will now respond with option 4 for the tariff plan.
  • Now you will always have to answer again using option 3. This option is to get the telephone number, so you wait a bit.
  • You will then be sent a message with your 11-digit phone number.

Alternatively, you can still dial *135*8# and send. It will automatically retrieve your phone number, without pressing any other options as described above.

This is the entire process of retrieving a GLO telephone number from the USSD code.

What About Other Methods To Check Glo Number

As mentioned earlier, there are other easier methods to get the GLO phone number apart from the one above.

These methods include website verification, the GLO application, dial a special code, calling or sending a text message to a friend, or even calling GLO customer service.

All these are alternatives you can make do with.

  • Check GLO Website

That’s another easy way to pick up your phone number.

A computer or smartphone is the way to go. It will give you more freedom and flexibility to access all web pages.

All you have to do here is to get internet connectivity using your GLO SIM card and log on to Globacom’s official website. You can use browsers such as opera, chromium, and Firefox.

They are more dependable and more efficient. Then click on this link and then wait for it to open the page.

Once the page is open, check the top right corner of your screen, you’ll see your phone number staring at you.

  • Dial the Special Code

This is called a special code because when you dial this code, a robot will read your telephone number.

Therefore, you prepare yourself with your pen and paper so that you can copy the numbers and stay in a less noisy area to prevent any distraction.

If you do not have writing materials, you can do with your neighbor’s telephone. In this regard, you are dialing 1244 and listening closely. You may try again if you missed a figure.

  • GLO App

Many GLO subscribers are unaware of this application. It is specially designed to assist customers and provide them with seamless services at all hours of the day.

This app allows you to check your phone number and do other things.

All you need is one data connection and you’re good to go. You can download the app from Google play store or other app stores.

  • Call the Customer Care

This is another effective way to recover a telephone number as a GLO subscriber.

The reason some people do not opt for this option is that they will have to wait a little bit before a customer service representative responds.

But the good thing here is that GLO customer care agents are available at all hours of the daytime.

Therefore, if you choose this method, dial “200” or “121” and follow the instructions until you are ordered to talk to a GLO agent. Tell the officer that you want your telephone number, after which a message will be sent with your telephone number.

Is There Any Reason to Check My Phone Number?

Since you are part of a group that does not have their telephone numbers handy, you will certainly check it out someday.

There is a situation that may warrant you to look for your number and they include the following.

  • You will need it when you meet an old friend that you feel like exchanging contacts with.
  • You may want to make a bit of registration online and then you are required to insert your telephone number into the contact details. Of course, you will have to check to avoid missing the opportunity.
  • When a friend is in urgent need of your number to use it or send it to someone.
  • When you want to open a bank account, you will be required to provide your telephone number for numerous functions.
  • When you wish to make a complaint to GLO Client Services, you may be asked to provide your telephone number.
  • You will also need this information to open a social media account or email. You will receive a confirmation code to complete your enrollment. Plus other unforeseen circumstances.

You will be interested to know that all requests for information are entirely free of charge. No matter which method you decide to use, nothing will be deducted from your airtime.

You only need to spend on the data if you want to verify your number via the GLO application or official website and it does not cost much.

Verifying a GLO number using USSD or any other means is not a hassle. In a matter of minutes, you can get your telephone number back.

As a result of what we have discussed so far, you should not find it difficult to recover your GLO phone number next time.

You can either do this with USSD or you can use another method available as also mentioned above.

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