5 Sure Ways To Raise Money For Farming Business

There are some reliable ways to generate funds for your agriculture business.

1. Personal Savings – This is probably the best means of raising money for any business. I understand what is going on in your mind right now – if you have personal savings will you be looking for how to raise money, right?

Well, the problem is that we don’t use to approach this the way it should. We hit a business idea and we want to raise the money to get started straight away. No! Give it some time like 8 months or one year.

During this period of time, you design a special savings scheme and work towards it.

Learn how to deny yourselves some luxuries at this point. If you have been spending N100,000 monthly, start spending N60,000 and saving N40,000 towards your project.

You’ll find out that much money can be saved simply by just denying yourselves a bit.

2. Family and Friends – These are the people that trust you most in life. There is no how you wouldn’t get some substantial amount of seed investment from them if you come out openly and sincerely to them.

Make them see the viability of your business idea and promise them something if possible.

If you can’t get your family and friends to trust your investment idea, trust me you will find it hard to get others to believe you. Personal reputation is very important in this regard; you don’t wait till you need money before you work on this.

It is an asset you can fall back on in time of need.

Therefore, develop a good reputation among your family and friends. If you already have it, this is the time to tap into it and get that needed start-up fund for your business idea.

3. Co-Operative – This is simple. Join one now and save some amount of money with them on regular basis for some period of time, maybe six months.

Whatever amount you’re able to save, they will double that for you while you pay gradually and at a reasonable pace.

This means of raising money currently enjoys good commendation among entrepreneurs in Nigeria. Many businesses have been known to be resurrected back to life through cooperative society’s funding.

It is a win-win game.

4. Partnership – Do you know someone with a similar idea to yours? Or someone you can trust to work with?

Approach this person for a possible partnership, preferably someone who is more financially buoyant. He may have the money while you have the idea.

A partnership is one of the biggest drivers of an invention if you seek and finds the right partner.

Most of the world’s biggest companies today came as a direct result of wise partnerships.

5. Angel Investor – Angel investors are not necessarily some invincible money bags hiding somewhere near Silicon Valley. No, they may just be that your uncle in Lagos or that your beautiful Aunty living in Abuja. He may just be a big man in your village or your street where you live.

He may even be the MD of the company where you work.

Approach any of these guys and offer them some percentage of your equity in exchange for seed investment. Make sure your business plan is good enough to convince them to invest.

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